The Culture of Master-Craftsmanship


ADMCi guides businesses to achieve remarkable results in product, service, and experience design through an ethos of master-craftsmanship. We are doing so by establishing a non-profit foundation that supports research through Commissions and education through our School for Digital Craftsmanship.

Welcome to The ADMCi

ADMCi is out to elevate a standard of excellence in master-craftsmanship. We're doing so in the context of a 21st century maker-movement across all media, like none society has seen before..

We have brought three initiatives to life so far to do just that (each complementing the other)....

We spark conversations, curate commissions, and broadcast our learnings. Our goal is to observe and learn from masters in the established arts and transfer those learnings into an ethos in digital... until we realize there really is no difference.

If we were to set a path for something like a white-collar trade school, what common qualities might it have with the trade schools of yesteryear... or the guilds of centuries past? Better yet, how would our master-craftsman on either side of that divide become a more accessible resource?

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    School for Digital Craftsmanship

    Jim Jacoby provides an introduction to The School for Digital Craftsmanship and its value to employees and businesses. 

    Bienville Legacy Commission

    JT Nesbitt exemplifies master craftsmanship as our inaugural Commission recipient. Learn more about the Bienville Legacy project and what we're learning...

    Begin Learning...

    Design Thinking and User-Centered Design are the lingua-franca of successful businesses today. We'd love to share what we're teaching so you can advance your career, build a stronger business, and ultimately create a better world.