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Design in the Moment (DIM)



Credits Music by Peter Himmelman  Recording and editing by Shirk Studios 


Music by Peter Himmelman 

Recording and editing by Shirk Studios 

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Design in the Moment explores our ability to design the world around us -- at every level -- and the obligations inherent in that power. 'Designers' have traditionally just made things beautiful. But that's no longer the case. We are all inheriting the need for and responsibility to design.

The term has finally evolved to include what we could call the 'Latin root language of design' born of a rapidly emerging profession. These are the user-centered designers -- those who design for the intersection of technology and the human experience.

As we realize that business markets can now be designed, that businesses can shift context overnight, that newcomers can unseat century-old veterans... we realize that design is a tool for positive disruption (or positive nuisance).

In these podcasts, we take on the exploration of designing for the human condition. And, if we're designing for the human condition, what are the human elements we're really manipulating? 

Through a series of incredibly compelling conversations with an eclectic and profound group of people, we're finding our way toward a new set of answers.

Jim Jacoby and Jim Cohen host Design in the MomentGuests share their views and join the discussions, drawing from their own experiences and personal points of view. The dialogue is candid, conversational and unscripted.

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Common Themes

POD: Design in the Moment
DIM - Episode 52: Andrew Hicks (Game Design and Ethics)

Andrew Hicks connects the dots between video games and life skills development. The former commercial designer and programmer turned author and CEO focuses his time and energy into using video games as a tool to enhance the skills necessary to be successful in life. Leadership, empathy, strategic thinking, and collaboration are among the lessons that Andrew sees can be learned and enhanced through video gaming.

DIM - Episode 51: Raman Chadha (Entrepreneur and Educator)

Raman Chadha, entrepreneur, DePaul Univeristy professor, and founder of The Junto Institute takes us on a journey through emotional intelligence and its application to start-ups and large corporations. Daniel Goldman’s Four Constructs of Emotional Intelligence – self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management are the foundation for The Junto Institute and are pillars to effective business operations in this more socially aware day in age.

DIM - Episode 50: Shah Selbe (Rocket Scientist and Marine Conservationist)

With an extensive professional resume, including degrees from Stanford and USC, Shah Selbe has the degrees, awards, grants (including the Lindblad-National Geographic Fund for the Oceans grant), and experience to count him in the top of his field. But, his commitment to the people who are impacted by his projects is what sets him apart from many in his field. Whether it is developing resources that are cost-effective to those who need it or donating time to Engineers Without Borders, Shah explains that the fundamental key to success is thinking about the user and bringing on the right people, regardless of discipline, in order to make things happen.

DIM - Episode 49: Hala Hemayssi (UX Pioneer/Business Strategist)

Hala Hemayssi was on the front lines when user-centered design came to fruition, but there is still much to be done to put these principles into daily practice. Are we designing for the masses or teaching design to  implement user centered design to make an impact on their community. Collaboration, design, and education play a vital role in branching out with UX design to meet the masses where they are at and expand the scope of UX design.

DIM - Episode 48: Mark Achler

Mark Achler, Serial Venture Capitalist, talks about the most valuable asset to a company – the person. Whether it is taking care of the customer or the entire staff of a company, knowing the needs of the individual and focusing on how to improve the systems for the people, is a solid key to success. You can be successful by doing less, if you do those things well!

DIM - Episode 47: Eric La Brecque

Principal at Applied Storytelling, Eric La Brecque understands that every brand is a story, and works with clients in order to bring out their inner narrative as an evocative presence in the marketplace.

DIM - Episode 46: Ted Gonder and Jennifer Shoop

As the respective CEO and Chief Innovations Officer of Chicago-based non-profit Moneythink, Ted Gonder and Jennifer Shoop have made it their vision to bring a new kind of financial education to lower income high schoolers, engaging them with a financial education initiative that's delivered via app, reaching its students through the natural draw of social media.

DIM - Episode 45: Jason Pickleman

Head of J&L Graphic Design in Chicago, Jason Pickleman thinks of himself as more of an artist than a designer, keeping the line between fine art and commercialism blurred. His philosophy is a good reminder of how important diving below the surface with any project is, the artistic collaborative process notwithstanding.

DIM - Episode 44: Dan Florio

Dan Florio was a full time software developer until on a whim he devised RunPee, an app that informs users of the ideal time to run to use the facilities when at the movies. Now an independent writer, he talks about how design should improve on existing experiences.

DIM - Episode 43: Adrian Pittman

Pittman, director of development at Module, specializes in “big-picture strategy.” Based out of Detroit, he's pairing “deep scientific minds adjacent to artistic minds… to approximate human thought.” The conversation is practically staggering and certainly fascinating.