The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative

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Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller, two extraordinary entrepreneurs, are the driving force behind The American Design and Master-craft Initiative. Jacoby from digital roots in user-centered design and Miller from the roots of technology-driven manufacturing. Both are dedicated to building and uplifting people and organizations that improve the world around us. 

Jim and Scott lead a group of vertically integrated initiatives that help individuals and organizations apply the tenets of master-craftsmanship (anchored in conscious decision-making) to unlock core truths and drive real innovation. Their services are based on decades of experience in executive coaching, personal and corporate brand positioning, messaging architectures, technical platform development, financial modeling, and user-centered design.

Before meeting, they walked parallel paths. When they met through a mutual acquaintance at a writer’s retreat, they were struck by a common set of values each had been building independently. What began as separate research for autobiographical purposes became a joint-practice of acknowledging core truths, consciously crafting a life well-lived, and sharing that experience with others.

Today, something far greater has emerged. New horizons are uncovered every day as they continue working with people and businesses from motorcycle design to musical performance, from the culinary arts through digital transformation, and far beyond.



Jim Jacoby

Jim leverages user-centered (UX) methods to derive new insights. He leads businesses through transformative change with his innovations in the experience design field which he has pioneered for nearly two decades. Before his work with ADMCi, he built and sold one of the most successful privately owned creative agencies in the country based on these techniques. He is now expanding the field further by applying the tenets of master-craftsmanship in a twenty-first century context, especially with the Studio for Digital Craftsmanship.

Scott Miller

Scott builds companies through the lenses of strategic positioning, financial modeling, market sustainability, and integrity. His own organization redefined product innovation, technical acumen, market engagement and strategic sourcing. He is now actively helping individuals and organizations do the same. The resulting platform, based in core truths, creates the architecture for individuals and organizations to increase their capacity for purposeful market engagement.