The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative



— Cultural —

Your business culture lives on a spectrum of experiences, opportunities, and platforms… We help you expand the possibilities.


Character Precedes Culture

We provide direction for culture by going deep. We work to find and articulate the fabric of who you are. Our focus begins with you, at the top: With founders and leaders to capture what makes you tick. We translate these insights into an identity that is powerful and consistent.


Arts & Entertainment

In a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Sofar Sounds, we have created a venue for emerging and established artists to perform for attentive, like-minded audiences. Artists express everything from spoken word through jazz, rock, funk, and rap available only to those with a special invitation.


Gastronomy & Mixology

We curate established and emerging professionals with extraordinary skill in food and libation. Within a members-only private club, we provide ticketed experiences that allow chefs and mixologists to build new programs, raise funds, or simply experiment. Our members enjoy the spoils…


Motorsports & Racing

With roots in competitive racing and a recent commission for one of the most profound advancements in the motorcycle industry, we provide space to push boundaries. We personally walk the line between risk and innovation.