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Arts & Entertainment

A unique collaboration between The ADMCi Foundation and Sofar Sounds has created a space for unprecedented musical exploration. Performances occur regularly, with tickets available to the local community only through Sofar Sounds. ADMCi ensures all time, space, and proceeds support the musicians. We reserve a private space for all shows exclusive to our clients and network where we can share a completely unique level of hospitality. Current dates on the horizon include…

  • November 15, 7:00p

  • December 13, 7:00p


Recent Highlights 


The Winchesters

The Winchesters are a Chicago-based Folk/Rock/Americana band. They started playing for fun in a little apartment on Winchester Avenue in the summer of 2014, and haven't been able to give it up since. Focusing on tight harmonies and rootsy rhythms, The Winchesters blend poetry and toe-tapping country jams that will hit you in your heart and get you on your feet. They will released their first full-length album in 2018.

Check out and @thewinchestersband for more tunes and upcoming gigs.


Aris P

Aris P aka "The Perfect Gentleman" is a Chicago Hip Hop artist with just the right amount of soul and vibe to his music. His tracks are smooth, uplifting, lyrical and have enough "feel good energy" to keep you interested. He brings a wide range of influences including John Mayer, Phonte, Childish Gambino, Fall Out Boy and Pharrell Williams. He's currently working on a project titled "Aruarian Dance" which is titled after a production by the late Japanese Hip Hop producer Nujabes which is his way of honoring his life's work.

Check out Instagram and @arispishere for more tunes and upcoming gigs.


Oliv Blu

Alternative R&B/Neo-Soul singer-songwriter Oliv Blu is known to capture her audience with her charismatic stage presence and genuine lyrics. Recognizable by the various Afro picks in her hair and outfits, Oliv's unique tones and melodies offer refreshing vibes to the realm of music. Her music is a collection of love songs, life lessons and inspiration for others.

Check out Facebook and @olivblu for more tunes and upcoming gigs.


Lyriq the mi$fit

LyriQ The Mi$FiT is a West Side, Chicago Hip-Hop Artist. LyriQ wants to push the boundaries of not only his music but the thought process of his audience. All of his music is based on self-examination and self-exploration. LyriQ has performed at a plethora of venues in Chicago including The Metro Chicago, SubTerranean, Abby Pub, and more.

Check out Facebook and @LyriQTheMisfit for more tunes and upcoming gigs.